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★ Merry Christmas! ★

★ Why kids should believe in Santa ★

I think that kids should believe in Santa.
When I was a kid I believed in Santa and it was awesome! I loved all the stories about Santa, his elves and rendeers and spent so much time thinking about them. This created so many wonderful memories.

We made many craft works based on the Santa theme and imagined that we were Santa or the elves or Rudolph or one of the rendeers. Or we imagined that we could help him. Thus it inspires a kid's fantasy and imagination and with kids spending so much time watching tv or playing video games this surely is a good thing. It stimulates creativity and wonder, and we need more, not less of this. The biggest argument against letting kid's believe in Santa is that they are lied to by their parents. But my daughter didn't feel this way, she definitively didn't feel sad or deceived when we told here that we were Santa. To the contrary she felt proud that she now counted as a big kid and could help distract her little brother so that he wouldn't find out the truth about Santa too early.
To this day I love Santa and all the magic it entails, all the joy, wonder and excitement!

I think that kids should believe in Santa because I believe in the spirit of giving while not taking credit for it. We love Santa and want to be like him. What better way is there to teach children how wonderful and joyous it can be to give away presents and care about others?! Santa cares about every single child and tries to find the perfect gift for every single one of them. Small children can easily be impressed. This sets a perfect example on how the world could be made a better place for everyone!

A final note: Each year there are people crying: "oh, but there are poor people out there whose kids will think they were not good enough because they don't get so many presents" or "oh there are people that don't have a nice family, they might feel depressed" etc. etc. You know what?! I am totally fed up with this. The reality is no matter what we do, it will always offend someone. Celebrating family values definitively is a good thing that is not done often enough these days. I will not stop celebrating because other people are unwilling to understand that Christmas and Santa are about the spirit of giving and caring and not about expensive gifts!

And probably if your kid is comparing how many presents they got to their friends than either you are always comparing yourself and should look in the mirrow and stop this behaviour or they are getting too old. Sorry, every kid finally grows up. I think that kids that are in grade 1 and that begin to understand that different things are more or less expensive should learn the truth about Santa. At one point your kid is big. But my kids still love Santa and Christmas as the magic was there when they were young and Christmas still is a time to look forward to.

Merry Christmas!

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