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Discover Canada from coast to coast to coast


capital: Ottawa

Canada has coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean

Canada covers an area of 9.98 million square kilometers making it the second largest country by total area.

What is Canada's motto? From sea to sea A Mari Usque Ad Mare

The maple leaf is in the center of the Canadian flag

The Supreme Court of Canada is located in Ottawa.

The beaver is Canada's official animal.

O Canada is Canada's anthem.

10 provinces ..

British Columbia

capital: Victoria

most populous city: Vancouver

Whistler is a well known ski resort.

British Columbia is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

Della Falls is the tallest waterfall in Canada, 8times higher than the mighty Niagara Falls.

British Columbia has the most provincial parks.


capital: Edmonton

most populous city: Calgary

Canada's largest shopping mall is in Edmonton.

Nowhere in Canada can more horses be found than in Alberta.

Alberta has no oceanline.

Alberta is one of the 3 prairie provinces.

Alberta is known for its oil and its oilsands.

The Royal Tyrell museum near Drumheller is a wonderful museum to admire dinosaurs and fossils.


capital: Regina

most populous city: Saskatoon

Which city was originally known as "Pile of Bones"? Regina

Saskatchewan is one of the 3 prairie provinces.

Saskatchewan has no oceanline.

It is the only province without natural borders.

While Canada as a country has lots of trees, there are only very few found in Southern Saskatchewan. It is very dry there because the Rocky Mountains block the wet winds that would be necessary for trees to grow.

Saskatchewan grows more wheat than any other province.

Most of Saskatchewan was part of Rupert's Land and owned by the Hudson's Bay Company in the 17th century (~1670-1870).


capital: Winnipeg

most populous city: Winnipeg

What is the largest lake in Manitoba? Lake Winnipeg

Manitoba is one of the 3 prairie provinces.

Manitoba is in the middle of the country if you are going from west to east.

In the 17th century (~1670-1870) it was part of Rupert's Land and owned by the Hudson's Bay Company.

The Port of Churchill is Canada's only Arctic deep-water port.


capital: Toronto

most populous city: Toronto

Toronto is also the most populous city in Canada

Ontario is the most populous province of Canada

What city is nicknamed the "Honeymoon Capital of Canada"? Niagara Falls (many people spend their honey moon at the georgeous water falls)

What city is nicknamed "Hogtown"? Toronto (there used to be a large pork processing plant in Toronto)

What city is nicknamed "the big nickel"? Sudbury (there is a lot of mining near Sudbury and nickel is one important mineral that is found there, there is a big nickel monument in Sudbury)

What city is nicknamed Steeltown? Hamilton (most of Canadian steel is produced in Hamilton)

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada is located in Ontario.

In the olden times Ottawa was called Bytown.


capital: Quebec City

most populous city: Montreal

Quebec produces the most maple syrup

Quebec City is older than Montreal.

Montreal was founded in 1642.

Montreal was originally called Ville Marie.

Quebec is the largest province in geographic size

Quebec is the second populous province of Canada

Tthe longest suspension bridge in Canada, the Pierre Laporte Bridge is in Quebec City

Canada's largest winter carnival is in Quebec City

Close to Quebec City you find the Montmorency Falls that are worth seeing and are even higher than Niagara Falls.

Driving along the wide St Lawrence river is magnificent!

New Brunswick

capital: Fredericton

most populous city: Moncton

New Brunswick is one of the 3 maritime provinces on the East coast of Canada.

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides on earth.

Nova Scotia

capital: Halifax

most populous city:Halifax

Nova Scotia is one of the 3 maritime provinces on the East coast of Canada.

Whereever you are in Nova Scotia, the Atlantic ocean is never more than 67km away.

Nova Scotia is famous for its lobster. (Even though you can eat great lobster in the other Atlantic provinces as well as other places too.)

Prince Edward Island

capital: Charlottetown

most populous city: Charlottetown

Prince Edward Island is nicknamed Birthplace of Confederation, Garden of the Gulf and Spud Island.

Prince Edward Island is one of the 3 maritime provinces on the East coast of Canada.

Charlottetown is the least populous provincial capital city in Canada.

While PEI is an island it is connected with the main land, with New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge.

The children's novel "Anne of Green Gables" was published in 1908. The farm site that inspired the setting in the story is a popular tourist attraction in Cavendish today.

Newfoundland and Labrador

capital: St John's

most populous city: St John's

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador comprises the island of Newfoundland and the mainland of Labrador. Over 90% of its population live on the island of Newfoundland.

On a sunny day icebergs are visible from many places along the coast.

What ship sank off the southeastern coast of Newfoundland Island in 1912? The Titanic

Labrador was possibly one of the places the Vikings landed on in North America.

.. and 3 territories


capital: Whitehorse

most populous city: Whitehorse

Yukon is the smalles of the 3 territories.

What town in the Yukon is nicknamed "City of Gold"? Dawson City

The Klondike Gold Rush was in Yukon.

Yukon has long cold winters and short warm summers. It is warmest in June

Yukon is known for extreme cold snaps, the coldest in all of North America. In February 1947 the thermometer even shortly dropped to -63°C in the town of Snag.

Mount Logan with a height of 5956m is the highest mountain in Canada.

Before 1898 Yukon was part of the Northwest Territories.

Northwest Territories

capital: Yellowknife

most populous city: Yellowknife

Northwest Territories is the most populous of the 3 territories.

Bush planes are often used for transport.

The land once belonged to the Hudson's Bay Company until it was transferred to the government of Canada in 1870.

Northwest Territories and Nunavut are the only 2 jurisdictions in Canada where native Americans are in the majority.


capital: Iqualuit

most populous city: Iqualuit

Nunavut is home to the most northern island in Canada called Ellesmere Island.

Nunavut is the largest territory in geographic size

Northwest Territories and Nunavut are the only 2 jurisdictions in Canada where native Americans are in the majority.

Most of the First Nations people are Inuits.

Nunavut once beloned to the Northwest Territories.

A red inuksuk adorns the flag of Nunavut. Depending on their shape inukshuks can have different meanings but often the Inuits used them as markers to find their way back in a permafrost landscape with very few trees.

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