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September 2021

The Covid-19 vaccines - A timeline.

It's good to remind ourselves about the history of the covid "vaccines".

Nov 17, 2020:

Nov 2020: Immunity to coronavirus May Last Years, New Data Hint

Feb. 21, 2021:

Feb. 2021: Pfizer vaccine close to 99 percent effective

July 7, 2021:

July 2021: Covid-19 Vaccines Likely Activate Strong, Lasting Immunity

Aug 18, 2021:

Aug 2021: U.S. will begin wide distribution of Covid boosters shots next month, saying vaccine protection wanes over time

Sep 12, 2021:

NPR, Sep 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Only 50% Effective

update: Dec 8, 2021:

President of Bayer pharmaceuticals admits that the so called mRNA-vaccines are gene therapy. If we had surveyed the public two years ago "would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?" we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate. The problem was solved by calling this a vaccine.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGQ0YiLwysU, Stefan Oelich

update: Dec 23, 2021:

Ontario COVID-19 cases by vaccination status, Dec 23, source: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data

update: May 1, 2022: DEATHVAX

All cases of death ever reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
All vaccine related death over time, https://vaers.hhs.gov/index.html

This is the most deadly vaccine ever. Safe and effective?

update: June 22, 2022, Denmark: vaccinating kids was a mistake

The danish director of the National Board of Health says vaccinating kids for covid was a mistake. We have become wiser, and we would not do the same today.

source: https://nyheder-tv2-dk.translate.goog/samfund/2022-06-22-set-i-bakspejlet-fik-vi-ikke-meget-ud-af-at-vaccinere-boernene-erkender-brostroem

update: June 27, 2022

Phil Harper wrote an excellent analysis of the Pfizer "vaccine" efficiency. It shows how they presentend less than 1% efficiency as "95% efficient". We got only recenly access to this data but public health officials had it all along.

See: https://philharper.substack.com/p/pfizer-documents-show-pfizer-made


local pdf copy of the above Phil Harper article, 2.3MB

update: June 30, 2022

Dr Tess Lawrie: "Mothers, fathers, your children are in danger".
see: https://drtesslawrie.substack.com/p/how-did-needles-become-so-normal

When government officials, big pharma CEOs and public health policymakers tell you these shots are safe and effective, they are lying.

Healty children don't die from Covid-19 but these injections have killed many.

update: July 22, 2022

Of 29 pregnant women that had received Pfizer's COVID-19 injection, only one had a baby that lived. This what you can read in the "5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports" on page 12. Those injections seem to be more effective than the abortion pill. The Pfizer study had 238 more pregnancies for which the data is missing (why?).

As we speak major government organizations do still recommend the COVID-19 injections for pregnant women.

The CDC recommends it for everybody including pregnant women

Canada recommends it for pregnant women and sees no safety concerns

For more details see also https://www.nutritruth.org/single-post/confidential-pfizer-docs-reveal-90-of-covid-vaccinated-pregnant-women-lost-their-baby-but-pfizer and https://viralimmunologist.substack.com/p/of-29-pregnant-women-that-had-received

update: July 30, 2022

The pharma industry uses a tactic first pioneered by the tobacco industry to create fake science and promote a product.
See: https://rumble.com/v1d4es7-july-21-2022.html, Dr. Pierre Kory's stunning interview conducted during the Better Way Conference in Brazil.

The vaccines are promoted with a tactic first pioneered by the tobacco industry.

It took several decades until the general public started to understand who really benefits from smoking. If follow the "*" on the above poster then you can already see the role that fact-checking plays in both re-enforcing and distracting.

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