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DIY projects: AVR microcontroller electronics

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The tuxgraphics ethernet board provides a web server with the possibility to control hardware and read sensors. To access it remotely over the internet you will need a DSL router with port forwarding. Most DSL routers can do that. To know where your system is you will either need a static IP address or a DSL router that can work with dyndns.org. With tuxgraphics.org/cgi-bin/checkip you can see what your current IP is. You can use this during initial testing while you do not yet have a static IP or a dyndns.org (or freedns.afraid.org) account.
If you want an almost ready to use solution which does not require compiling or loading of software then take a look at our offerings for boards pre-loaded with software.

AVR ethernet / web server

The articles in this section use the same tuxgraphics ethernet board for different applications.


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