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★ December 8 :The first snow ★

first snow

Quite discontent Gini sat on her seat in the classroom. This morning she had had a big argument with her friend Anna. And somehow it hadn't even been anything important. What a stupid day!
With Karl things weren't going much better. His teacher had got angry with at least half the class. And those who knew his teacher knew that she wasn't really a nice lady. Why couldn't they have another teacher? One that wouldn't yell at the class all the time?! The atmosphere in the classroom was rather tense.
Finally the bell rang and it was lunch time. On the corridor Gini and Karl met and together with their friends Clive and Felicitas they went to the dining room. There their next frustration awaited them: the microwave didn't work and so they had no other chance than to eat their meals still kind of frozen. What a terrible day! It really was a day where you totally agreed with Arnold from the magic school bus who always moaned "I knew I should have stayed home today".

Then by chance Gini looked out the window and what did she see? It had started to snow! Thick fluffy snowflakes slowly fell to the ground and gradually everything became white. Abruptly their mood changed and all four ran outside cheering loudly.

It snowed all afternoon. Gini and Karl sat in their classrooms and couldn't help themselves from watching the snowflakes fall. How wonderful everything looked when it was all white! So calm and peaceful!

When school was finally over they ran home as quickly as possible. They started to throw snowballs and soon were having a big snowball fight. What fun they had! Gini wished it would never stop snowing.

When they later sat at the table eating their dinner and talking about the events at schools, papa Antoin took a book out of the bookshelf. In there were pictures of different landscapes and seasons on earth. There were pictures of wild oceans and calm lakes. There were pictures of mountains, forests, valleys, deserts and marshes. And pictures showing how the landscapes change with the seasons: fresh and gentle looking trees in the spring, lush green leaves in summer and glowing colorful trees in the autumn sun. And how wonderfully white everything looked in winter. There was so much beauty! Even at night, because then the stars were glowing in the sky.
Gini and Karl were deeply impressed. What a wonderful place the earth could be. Before they went to bed Gini and Karl looked again out of the window at the magnificent white glowing first snow. The first snow always has something special about it. Definitively!

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