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★ December 19 : Snow and ice sculptures ★

ice sculpturesice sculptures

Christmas was now so very close! Karl looked out the window. "Maybe we should go outside a bit." "Oh yeah", Gini said. "Let's go to the lake. The frozen lake must look wonderful now." They put on their warm gloves and shawl because it was terribly cold outside despite the sun shining brightly.
Down by the river it really looked very beautiful. Lots of people were going for a walk there. They listened to a street musician singing Christmas Carols and put some coins into his hat. Then when no one was looking they gave some nuts to the squirrels.
They went on and saw that there was a snow and ice sculpture competition. Of course they wanted to take part. Quickly they rolled big snow balls and tried to form a Santa who was sitting with a bag full of presents on his sleigh with his reindeer. The idea was great but it was more difficult than they had thought to build it. The reindeer didn't want to look like one and the sleigh seemed to break down every minute. Finally a boy came and asked if he could help them. The contest rules only allowed for two kids working together but Gini and Karl still agreed. Soon a girl came and decorated the reindeer with green branches. And another kid came with hot water and poured it over the sleigh. Through this the snow melted a bit and then became ice again which made the sleigh more stable. More and more children came and helped building. The reindeer now really looked good and Santa could also be recognized easily. Now only the presents were still missing. Every child was quickly forming a snow cube and put it on the sleigh. It really had become a beautiful work of art! When it was time for the judges to choose the winner they gave out hot chocolate and cookies to all the children instead. The loudspeaker was playing Christmas Carols and the kids let their parents take happy photos in front of their snow art work. What a wonderful day!
"Perhaps we should take a ride with one of those horse carriages", Mom Sara suggested. A moment later all 4 of them already climbed on and soon they raced over the frozen lake, along wonderfully decorated houses and up the mountain to take a wonderful view over the city. Gini and Karl, our two little penguins sat amazed under a warm blanket in the carriage and looked at the landscape that they came across. Everything was so wonderfully Christmas like. And when the coachman turned around and waved to them for a moment they were sure that it was Santa who was riding them along. Then the carriage took off and slowly they flew back home.

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