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★ December 20 : Baking gingerbread men ★

gingerbread man

Today Gini and Karl went to visit Ms Hippopotamos. Ms Hippopotamos had invited them and their friends over to bake gingerbread men with her. When they arrived in her garden they stopped to have a look at her wonderful decorations. Felicitas and Clive had already arrived as well and also looked at the marvelous display. They pressed a button to watch the Christmas story which was installed there with great care. A voice told the story and they could see Joseph, Maria and Jesus in the stable together with the sheep and herdsmen. The three holy kings were already traveling too. Christmas Carols were played.
Ms Hippopotamos opened the door. She was a friendly old lady with a hearty laugh. In her house it was warm and comfortable. On the walls hung big paintings showing Ms Hippopotamos in all kind of exotic countries on her many trips. As a young woman she had traveled the world. But now she lived in Multimix City and was very engaged in various charity organisations. Gini and Karl put off their coats and boots then went in the kitchen with their friends. Some of their other friends had already arrived too, the others now dropped in one by one. Soon everyone was gathered in the kitchen. Everyone put on a funny looking apron. Then they looked at the mountains of dough that Ms Hippopotamos had already prepared for them. They started forming gingerbread men and decorated them in the most funniest and cutest and beautiful way they could think of. And into the oven with them. Even though they were many friends and worked concentrated it took several hours until they had used up all that pile of dough. They really could fill many big baskets with them! At last everyone was allowed to bake a gingerbread man for him- or herself as well as for their parents and siblings.
"What are you doing with all those gingerbread men?" Felicitas finally asked curiously. "You can hardly eat them all by yourself!" Ms Hippopotamos laughed. "I will sell them at the Christmas market tomorrow", she explained. "The profit is going to my foundation for sick children. Unfortunately there are children even in this country who aren't so well off as you are. They are sick and urgently need help. With that money research on plant based healing can be done or a child can get operated if this increases the chances to get healed. Then they and their families can be happy again!" All were quiet for a moment. Karl spoke first. "I think I will go home and get my pocket money. I want to donate it to your foundation. I really want that all children can be happy!" The others nodded. Then they all quickly went home. When they came back Ms Hippopotamos had already laid the table with lots of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. The children of whom many wanted to become researchers when they had grown up sat down and discussed how to best find effective cures for all those terrible illnesses while they enjoyed eating their cookies and drinking their chocolate. What a nice day!

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