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★ December 22 : Holidays at last ★

santa tux

Finally it was the last school day before the Christmas holidays. It was a bit sad because this meant that the Christmas season was coming to an end too. But two weeks without school and of continued celebrations that really was wonderful and something to definitively look forward to! Gini and Karl were very happy! Just one more day of school! And today at that last day they would celebrate the whole day! In the morning everyone was in their classrooms. The teacher was reading a Christmas story to them, they sang Christmas Carols and made a paper Santa and a paper Christmas tree with burning candles. Then the teacher gave a small treat to each child. Some children also gave a gift to the teacher. Of course Gini and Karl had each a little present for their teacher too. At home Karl had grumbled about this a lot. "She doesn't really deserve it. She is always yelling at us and I don't feel valued at all", he had argued but as his mom had said that no matter what she needs to get one he was a good boy and gave her his present. However after some thought Gini and Karl had decided that instead of grumbling about undeserved presents it would be better to give a little present to their 'best teachers ever' as well just to let them know that they were truly special. And so they had packed a little present for Mrs Charlene Badour and Mme Maria Arfanis as well as Mister Chris Le Couffe and of course Monsieur Frederick Elias! These were teachers that Gini and Karl had loved and who certainly deserved some extra thanks!
After lunch the whole school gathered in the gym. There some of the teachers had put up some stands and sold some old toys and clothes. Gini and Karl and their friends performed their Christmas story on stage again and after that there was a big auction. There were many great toys, books, a wooden toy train, board games, balls and dolls but that what Gini and her girl-friends desired the most was a gigantic teddy bear. He had such a nice face and a very soft fur. Gini and Karl's parents had given them some money to bid at the auction. But not only Gini and her friends loved that teddy bear. Mara, a girl from her class loved it too. But her parents hadn't given her any money because they didn't have much money. And so she looked on sadly when the other kids bid for that teddy bear. Gini of course bid keenly for "her" teddy bear. Now its price was at 20 dollars. That was all the money she had. Oh well. Karl saw it and said: "I can give you part of my money. "Oh, thank you! That's really nice of you! You are the best brother in the world!" Gini said. And finally after bidding 22 dollars she could take the teddy bear in her arms. Proudly she carried her teddy bear! Then she saw Mara's sad face. Karl saw it too. For a moment she hesitated then she said decisively: "I think I will give the teddy bear to Mara. She doesn't get anything for Christmas at all. While I get lots of wonderful presents." Then she went over to Mara and put her teddy bear into her arms. Mara could hardly believe it! She held the teddy bear tight and didn't put him down for the whole day! "Merry Christmas", Gini said and went straight back to Karl. Karl looked at his sister impressed. "You were very generous. I had never thought that you would give away that teddy bear that you wanted so much." Then he took his remaining 18 dollars and gave Gini half of it. "With this you can at least bid for a small teddy bear", he said. And that's what Gini did. Her new teddy bear was small and brown but he was very soft too and she liked him a lot, especially his heart warming smile. Karl bid for a car. Happily they went home from school. Two weeks of Christmas holidays before them. There wasn't anything better in this world!

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